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Women of Africa

Women of Africa is a mixed media collaboration series created by husband and wife, Charith and Michael Denson. It is a celebration of the beauty of African culture, especially that of women, through the examination of cultural identity beyond skin color. Though the skin of the figures represented is still dark in tone, the focus becomes the vibrancy of color, the hand drawn details, the intentionality of shape and form, and the overall imaginative design work. All elements that are inspired by fabrics found and created in many African countries. Woman of Africa invites the viewer to enter a place where they can encounter an individual or culture below the surface level of the skin, and discover the unique and compelling things that can easily be missed.  

“When we lay down the prejudice that comes with skin color, facial features and recognizability, we begin to dialogue and connect through the different layers of beauty we all bring to the table.”  – Charith Denson  

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