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New Parents. Creative Crisis.

We had no idea how much time we had. Until we had a baby. Remember when we used to do whatever we wanted to - whenever we wanted to? Gone. We are now on the highly unpredictable schedule of a 4 month old who is oh so adorable - except when he's not. Today he's not. We have begun to rely on his two hours naps for a little break. We quickly run out to the art studio and try to creatively process our new lives by throwing paint at a canvas or working on some wood projects. But when our sweet baby boy cuts his 2 hour nap down to 30 minutes and our hands are covered in paint... he's not the only one crying.

Praise Jesus we are familiar with the term "this is a season." I've been basically hanging from that sentiment on days like this. This is just where we are right now and it's not where we will be forever. Though somedays it feels like it.

This weekend my we both got to do some artistic experimenting. And while the baby is crying and I rocked him back and forth endlessly I stared over at our art work and felt peace and accomplishment. It seems so much harder to make time for creativity these days but when we do - it's so healing.

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