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The Stories They Tell

Anyone who knows the Densons knows that we love old things. Vintage cameras and suitcases. Desks, chairs, books, rugs, wooden boxes, trunks....the list goes on. These are all things that Charith and I have in our possession, adorning our house and even currently being used. I've always wondered why I am drawn to these things. The easiest answer? I have and old soul. True. But I've always felt like that answer is too easy and there has to be more to it.

On a recent walk through a vintage market I began to think about it more and I came to a better conclusion. More of an "Artist's" answer.

Story. It's all about the story these items tell.

Months ago, I came across this old, brown leather suitcase sitting in my parent's basement. My eyes lit up. It was roughed up and a little water stained but all I could think about was it's journey. Where have you been?...Initials R. L...Who have you belonged to? (clearly did not belong to my parents)

Charith bought this cool vintage gold chair that we now have in our living room. It was definitely made at a different time. Though you can still feel the springs underneath your bum, it is surprisingly comfortable. Paired with our modern couch, second vintage chair and miscellaneous vintage decor, it's fun to just sit in this room and imagine how many great conversations where had within this collection.

During this previous Thanksgiving meal preparation we needed shredded cheese for our Mac and Cheese dish. Of course we had two blocks of cheese and no grater. Charith walked over to the neighbor's house to borrow one and this neighbor (an elderly woman) graciously used her new power shredder to quickly turn the two blocks into a pile of fine shreds. I have to admit, nothing beats new technology, especially when you are in a hurry. About a week later we came home to find a package siting on our car. It read, "Hope this finds you use, it's probably close to being an antique but it still works." Signed Katie. Without any knowledge of things we liked and appreciated, She had given us an old fashion cheese grater. Oh the stories! I can't wait to sit with Katie and hear about the life of this item!

I know all of this probably sounds a bit silly and weird, but it is nonetheless true. As an artist I am a storyteller and am naturally drawn to things that do just that. Now, this isn't a letter demanding that you keep all of your old "junk". You probably still want to invest in new socks and underwear. But, before you or your parents or grandparents get rid of that "thing", just imagine the stories that it holds. And maybe add a few of your own.

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