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Michael earned his Master of Arts in Innovation and Leadership from Kilns College and his Bachelor of Arts in Photography from The College of Santa Fe. Having 12 years of combined experience as a leader and implementer of innovative events and programs, he honed his skills and cultivated his knowledge through his work for The Rag Collection and Food for the Hungry; Valley non-profit organizations serving youth, the marginalized, and the disadvantaged. As an educator, photographer, and professional mixed media artist, Michael also creates "conversation pieces," artworks that are meant to provoke dialogue and personal exploration by the viewer. Michael currently serves as the Executive Director of West Valley Arts Council in Surprise, AZ where he works to cultivate a deep appreciation for the arts and enhance the culture of West Valley cities and communities.



Charith has over 10 years experience in international development. Her high level of empathy has made her an excellent storyteller and expressive artist. Though she has dabbled in many different artforms and creative ventures, her deep love for culture and connectedness has led her to create mixed media paintings that address identity and promote cultural inclusivity. As a professional photographer she has travelled to more than 20 different countries, captured the stories of impoverished families and communities, and developed campaigns that have secured them aid. Charith brings this collective experience, knowledge, and passion to her current role as Director of Integration at Reconciled World.


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Creativity is the key that unlocks the mystery of our origins and the promise of our future, together.


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