A photographer by trade, my true passion lies in large scale painting and mixed media. Taking the impression of abstract and marrying it with the emotive human figure, my works are created to be “conversation pieces”, provoking many avenues of story. As I am continually seeking to bring the viewer into the storyline of my work, recently I began exploring installation art. Though several projects are only in the beginning stages, these future works are also intended to challenge the viewer to define their place within the story.

Working as a professional photographer since 2008, I first began painting and drawing in 2013. With no formal training in painting, I started by freely exploring color and form,  ultimately leading me to create floral patterns inspired by culture and completely imaginative. Currently, I'm focused on using these floral designs to create mixed media portraits that examine “identity” and “beauty”. I believe deeply in the importance of community and creating works that communicate and facilitate space to dialogue on these themes.

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